21st Century Ministry and 2 Corinthians

A Place For The God-Hungry » 21st Century Ministry and 2 Corinthians (Part 1). Jim Martin has some excellent observations. If nothing else, notice his “bullet points” in red:

Here is a sample of what you might find in 2 Corinthians regarding ministry:

  • Ministry takes place in times of weakness not just in times of strength.
  • Ministry comes through living authentically in the body of Christ not simply as a professional who keeps a safe distance from the congregation.
  • Ministry is about relying on God who raised Jesus from the dead, not on one’s self.
  • Ministry is sometimes painful, pressure-filled, and difficult. At times, very little may be happening that is encouraging or which meets the minister’s “career goals.”
  • Ministry takes place as God ministers to us and then we are able to minister to another.
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