Everybody Loves a Parade!

Newport celebrates “Loyalty Days” the first weekend in May. This is a holdover from the Cold War Era when many communities began celebrating a patriotic alternative to May Day, which they felt had been corrupted/stolen by Socialist, Communists, Wobblies, etc. Strangely enough, Newport still makes a stab at Loyalty Days. The highlight of it all, at least for me, is the parade. Most years the weather is not great, but this year we were spared rain, at least for the most part.

Here are my favorites from the parade (click for bigger versions):

color guard

The Color Guard Begins the Parade

'65 El Camino

'65 El Camino — in high school, I had a '64. This one's as old as I am. Sweet!

Big Dog

Dude, couldn't you bring a big dog to the parade?

mounted posse

Mounted Sheriff's Posse

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