Old Stuff in Warm Light

I’ve been getting together with some people to play “old timey music” for a few weeks now. Gene is putting together a bluegrass band, of sorts, for a special event we’re going to play at. Gene has the rehearsals/jam sessions over at his place and it’s so full of interesting, weathered stuff that it just begs to be photographed. So, last night I took my camera with my “fast 50” attached and made these photos. Please click to embiggen.

Mandolin and some mandolin-banjo combo abomination

Resonator guitar and snare

Playing the fiddle is serious business

Brushes on a snare drum

Bass guitar player

A little "low end" always helps

mandolin player

Mandolin Man

Resonator guitar "Dobro"

Beauty of wood and nickel plated steel

It's all in good fun

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