Project 52, week 3

Well, this week I didn’t have a chance to really get out and take pictures, but I still had to choose from a few possibilities for this week’s photo. First of all, last Monday we had a little bit of snow. For us here on the Oregon coast, it was about as much snow as we might get at any one time. Later in the week, however, we had a huge storm blow in. It brought high winds with 90+ MPH gusts and almost 5 inches of rain in one day. Needless to say, there was flooding. I took some pictures of a park near our house — trees were down, there was water in the playground, in the parking lot, the creek had spilled its banks, etc.

In the end, I went with the snow picture from Monday. Tucker, our beagle, loves the snow. In this picture, he’s about to catch small snow ball that my wife had just thrown for him.

A beagle loves the snow!

Click image for a bigger version

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