Three From Angkor

I’ve been back from SE Asia nearly a week now and finally seem to be settling back into my normal schedule. It hasn’t been horrible, but my body has been unsure of what time it is — tired in the early evening, waking up late, etc.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from our day at the Angkor temple complex, outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. If you’ve never been to this site, sometimes called the “eighth wonder of the world,” then I urge you to go if you ever get the chance. More than one person has said to me that they’ve seen the pyramids in Egypt and the temples in Angkor and Angkor ‘wins’, hands-down.

Here’s one of the approach to Angkor Wat:

Angkor Wat Causeway

The Causeway to Angkor Wat -- click to embiggen.

Here’s one from Ta Prohm, a famous temple that has been left more “as is,” which means that they did not cut all the trees down. Think “Indiana Jones,” or “Tomb Raider.”

Ta Prohm Temple

One of the iconic trees at Ta Prohm -- click to embiggen

And here’s one of the Bayon, my third-favorite temple at Angkor. The picture doesn’t do justice to the sheer size of this man-made mountain of rock. It’s truly impressive, especially when you realize how tall it is, how heavy the stones must be, and how it was constructed without any modern equipment at all.

The Bayon Temple

The Bayon -- click to embiggen

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