Monday Morning Photography Post

Here’s what I’ve found that’s interesting this morning:

Martin Bailey is a British ex-pat who now lives in Japan. His photographs and podcast are always worth seeing & listening to. Here’s a post about his top-ten non-nature photos from last year.

I haven’t watched it yet, but here’s a PetaPixel story about legendary photographer Steve McCurry’s shooting of the last roll of Kodachrome. … All the world’s a sunny day, oh, yeah

The practical difference between the old film days and the new digital? Check this out.

This Kickstarter campaign for a kit to build a TLR camera that shoots instant film looks very retro/cool, but I don’t want one.

And finally, here’s a photo I made last Friday. It was a beautiful, cold day here on the central Oregon coast. Click for larger version.

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, OR, USA

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